Drive to Aoloau

Drive to Aoloau

Let's go to Aoloau. This is an easy trip that takes only a couple of hours from start to finish. You are best to use your car for this trip but it is possible to use busses from some locations.

First thing is to find the main road from wherever you will start (I call it the main road because almost nobody knows what highway 1 is). That's noted on the map with a yellow mark containing the number 1.

Now you want to find the village of Pava'iai. The most prominent landmark in Pava'iai is the Haleck Shopping Center. If you are coming from the east side, like from Sadie's hotels, you want to turn left on a paved road just prior to reaching the Haleck Center. After turning onto the Pava'iai road you will soon see Pava'iai Elementary School on your left - now you know you're on the right road.

The road through Pava'iai leads up to Aoloau after turning and twisting around a bit. Last time I was on the road it was in pretty bad shape, so drive carefully and watch for submerged potholes. You will be making a pretty steep climb up the mountain. Be sure your car can handle it.

You haven't reached Aoloau until you get to the very top and are back on a fairly level road. The sights along the way are magnificent. You can stop and look on the way up but you might as well save that for the return trip. Near the top, you should see a chained off lot with just the concrete remains of a house that was destroyed in a hurricane. This is a great place to stop and walk out to the edge.

The views from Aoloau are majestic. You will see all the way to the ocean from the golf course to the airport. This is the highest village in American Samoa - sitting above the clouds

There is a small store, on the right, near the center of the village. This is a good place to stop and get a cold drink and ask questions. A little further into the village, on the left, is a fabulous church. You can drive up to the church, get out and have a look around.

You can include the Aoloau trip with a trip to the western side of the island or just do Aoloau and then have lunch at one of the great restaurants around the Nu'uuli area.

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