About This Site

This site is presented with the sole purpose of showing the world a beautiful Pago Pago, American Samoa. Simple as that. We encourage you to submit photos and content to help in our endeavor to show off these beautiful islands.

It is intended that this site be of and by the people wishing to learn about or promote Pago Pago as a travel destination. We have no affiliations with or sponsorships from any government or private entities.

The site is built to be mobile friendly, meaning it will automatically reformat and adjust for mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Some features on the site are designed to accommodate small devices and less important parts of the full-sized page might be placed below the main content of the page or eliminated on small devices. This all happens without viewer involvement. It's magic.

Handling of images is exceptional. Clicking on any of the small images will enlarge them. Clicking on the text at the bottom of the slideshow images will take the viewer to a page of content describing the image and giving more information on the subject (some of those pages are still under development). Images are served up to the viewer in only the smallest possible file-size, making for faster loading.

It is hoped that people will participate in the site.

  • There are opportunities to comment on and rate many of the featured items shown here.

  • Property owners and stakeholders can gain access to their respective pages to edit and update content. Just use the "Contact" link at the top of any page to ask us for access.

  • Authorized users can make entries to the Events Calendars.

  • A multi-user blog will be available where people can share their entire visit with text and images, much like social media.

  • We will also be linked to the major social media sites.

This site is a sister site to pagopago.com, which has been around since 1998. On pagopago.com, you will find interactive telephone directories for residential, business and government listings, where you can easily look up telephone numbers. You will also find the original official website for the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts, of 2008. And there are blogs and photo galleries with hundreds of pictures and interesting information.

We encourage you to give use your comments and suggestions.