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American Samoa – A Territory of the United States

In this article we will attempt to provide the interested observer a better understanding of American Samoa. 

Location and Size

American Samoa is a very small territory of the United States, situated in the center of the South Pacific about 2,500 miles south of Hawaii.  Distances to the nearest neighboring islands are Fiji, 770 miles; Tahiti, 1423 miles; New Zealand, 1795 miles and Tonga, a mere 558 miles.  American Samoa is about 7026 miles from Washington, DC. 

Geographically, American Samoa is the eastern part of the Samoa archipelago, with the western part of the archipelago being the independent state of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa).  The main island of American Samoa is Tutuila.

A group of three islands; Ta'u, Ofu and Olosega, collectively known as Manu'a, are located about 65 miles east of Tutuila.  The tiny island of Aunu'u sits about a quarter mile off the southeast tip of Tutuila.  All these islands are volcanic in nature with high mountains. 

Where is American Samoa?