Rental Cars

There are usually plenty of rental cars available, although advanced reservations are highly recommended. The major hotels have their own fleet of rental cars, which can be reserved with your room reservation. Some of the small local rental car companies maintain their vehicles quite well, some do not. There is some assurance in knowing that the major international rental car franchises must maintain their fleets in compliance with their franchise agreement. It is recommended that you price shop if you are on a tight budget but be sure to insist on appropriate quality standards.

Use this link to the Rental Car section of the business directory on our sister site at You can also use to find telephone numbers for private, commercial and government listings.

A word of caution:

Be aware that it is unsafe to exceed the posted speed limits. Speed limits are strictly enforced and there is good reason for that. Most roads are narrow and may not be designed for speeds higher than posted. There are many hazards on the roads and alongside the roads. Some of these hazards include dogs, children, potholes, water puddles and rocks placed just off the road by property owners. Just relax, take your time and enjoy the sights.

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