General Information

This is just a potpourri of general information you might find useful. You will find information on currency, banks, commercial hours, power, seasons, time zone, language and communications. When we didn't know where else to put it; it landed here.

The United States Dollar is the currency of American Samoa. Major foreign currencies can be exchanged at the local banks.

American Samoa has two major banks on island, the Bank of Hawaii and the ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank. Bank of Hawaii (BOH) is located in Utulei (Centennial Bldg), open from 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday. BOH ATM machines can be found at: KS Mart; Laufou Shopping Center; Pavai'ai Haleck Building, and BOH Utulei. ANZ Bank Amerika Samoa (ANZ) has branches in Fagatogo (main branch) and Tafuna open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 12.00 noon on Saturdays. ANZ ATM machines can be found at: Pago Pago International Airport; Tradewinds Hotel; Kruse FJ & P Store, Leone; Laufou Shopping Center, Nu'uuli; Cost U Less, Ottoville; LBJ Hospital, Fagaalu; Starkist, Satala; ANZ Fagatogo branch and ANZ Tafuna branch.

Commercial Hours
Government Offices are open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm. Most stores are open from early morning until evening weekdays and early morning until late afternoon on Saturdays and the majority of retailers are closed on Sundays.

110 Volts, 60 Hz, using American power points. Most non-US visitors will need adapters for plugs. Most portable electronic devices don't care about the input voltage and none care about the Hz, but you might want to check your manual to be sure.

American Samoa has a tropical climate with the average daily temperature around 82@- 83@ Fahrenheit year-round. There are said to be wet and dry seasons. The wet season is usually between December and March and the dry season from April through to September. But, don't plan on any dry days because you never know when the heavens will burst. In the tropics, rain is usually only a minor inconvenience and few people even bother to carry umbrellas.

Time Zone
American Samoa time is 11 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT - 11). This generally means it is 3 hours earlier than the US West Coast, on the same day. But American Samoa is close to the International Dateline and, as such, is the last place the sun sets in the US. For visitors coming from Samoa or other places south, it is one day earlier in American Samoa and the time - for instance - in Auckland will be only 1 hour earlier but a day later (-23 hours).

Samoan and English are spoken by the vast majority of the population with English being the main business language.

The country dialing code is 1 and the area code is 684. To call American Samoa from the US, the dialing sequence is 1 (684) XXX-XXXX. To call from most other countries, the dialing sequence will probably include a country exit code plus 1684. To make an overseas call from American Samoa dial (1), area code, then the phone number if calling the US or Canada and (011), area code and the phone number if calling any other country. The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority and Bluesky Communications sell calling cards offering reduced international calling rates.